Bonjour et bienvenue to my French blog. Moi, je m’appelle Sophie.

I am currently studying in France. I am studying a BTS of Commerce International, which is equivalent to a certificate in international trade. While I am over here I am learning so many things about France, life and of course improving my French. To follow and keep up to date with my musings please follow the blog or me on twitter or like on Facebook. Without your support and readership things would be the same. Greatest thanks go to you. Vive la France !

Voila Sophie ! includes:

  • learning resources
  • my own personal entries from my travels to and from Paris
  • various posts relating to all things French.

Mission: To build a stronger French learning community, provide resources for learning, inspiration to keep up your French and exposure to grammar, vocabulary and verbs.

Explore: Don’t hesitate, please have a look around. Use the search button, browse through old posts, click on a tag or one of the pages up the top (Grammaire, Verbs, Phrases, Visitor’s Page).

Stay up to date: Each time a new post is made you can receive an email direct from the blog by submitted your email to SIGN-UP to email alerts. You are able to un-subscribe from email alters whenever you like (but I’m sure you will enjoying it too much to do that!). And yes, yes my blog is Free, of course!

Drop a line: I would love to hear your feedback. Please, s’il vous plait, feel free to leave a comment, rate, like it, tweet it, tumblr and other social media -it.

You are all wonderful. Learning French is a great way to communicate with people from across the world and share your interests and I appreciate your visit.

Web Browser: Please note this website configures best when viewed in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Je vous remercie.

Bon Courage et allons-y !




    1. Salut Chris, c’est tellement bien de vous entendre ! :) I hope you are well. I just got back from spending time in Europe, Paris for Christmas and New Years and then Barcelona for a few weeks! Was fantastique. A bientot, Sophie

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