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Bonjour tout le monde, :)

I am having an amazing time in France, studying Commerce International and living in Compiegne ! I am incredibly busy with study and this time of year :-) I would love to stay in touch with you all more and as my Facebook page is linked to this blog, as a reminder, please feel free to connect via Facebook. The page is Social media provides a fantastic way to stay up to date with the blog and I am able to post small updates immediately, I don’t want you all missing out on this! So if you have Facebook take advantage, comment, share, like and be inspired.

Thank you all for your support and continued commitment to being inspired to learn and appreciate different cultures, in this case French!

À très bientôt,


Les phrases et du vocabulaire !

FR J’ai récemment ajouté deux nouveaux pages très important sur mon blog. Voici les phrases et le vocabulaire. Elles sont géniales. Donc, beaucoup d’informations, il y a un peu de tout et je contribuerai continuellement à ces pages.

Sincèrement, je passais plusieurs heures et des jours de mettre tout cela ensemble. Donc, jetez un œil. Par ailleurs, mon blog est maintenant plus équipé avec des informations d’apprentissage utile. Faites des phrases et des pages de vocabulaire votre premier destination pour le française. S’il vous plaît veuillez aussi, laissez un commentaire ou partagez la page. Avez-vous des suggestions, donnez-moi vos avis. Je serai ravie de les entendre ! Un grand merci à vous tous, et étudier bien.

EN I have just added two new very important pages to my blog. See Phrases and Vocabulary. These are great. So much information, it may have a little bit about everything and I will continually contribute to these pages.

Sincerely, I spent several hours and days putting these together. So take a look. Moreover, my blog now is more equipped with helpful learning information. Make the Phrases and Vocabulary page your first stop for helpful French. Please please also, leave a comment or share the page. Do you have any suggestions, give me them. I would love to hear them! Big thank you to you all, and study well.

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