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I am having an amazing time in France, studying Commerce International and living in Compiegne ! I am incredibly busy with study and this time of year :-) I would love to stay in touch with you all more and as my Facebook page is linked to this blog, as a reminder, please feel free to connect via Facebook. The page is facebook.com/VoilaSophieBlog. Social media provides a fantastic way to stay up to date with the blog and I am able to post small updates immediately, I don’t want you all missing out on this! So if you have Facebook take advantage, comment, share, like and be inspired.

Thank you all for your support and continued commitment to being inspired to learn and appreciate different cultures, in this case French!

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Le Tour de France 2012

Le sport continue en France avec le tour 2012 !

Cadel Evans a gagné le tour l’année dernier et il est une bonne chance cette année aussi.

Le tour est sur SBS chaque après-midi et chaque nuit.

L’australienne Cadel Evans et son équipe BMC est en ce moment seconde. Suivez tout l’action du tour sur SBS.

Il y a des aventures de la nouriture sur le tour. Le chef est Gabrielle Gâté. Il explore chaque région du tour et sa nourriture unique.

Découvrez les sponsors du tour ici pour apprendre plus en plus des brands français.

Ils sont par exemple: nesquik, st Michel, Teisseire, vision plus, power bar, sodexo, mavic, Nestlé, Europcar et beaucoup plus.

Le tour est sur Facebook et Twitter en plus.

Cliquez ici pour le site officiel et l’information de SBS

Bonne courage.

English Version

The sport continues in France with the Tour de France 2012!

Cadel Evans won the tour last year and it is a good chance this year too.

The tour is on SBS every afternoon and hurt.

The Australian Cadel Evans and his team BMC is currently in second. Follow all the action of the tour on SBS.

There are cooking adventures. Gabrielle explores each region and its unique food.

Discover the sponsors of the tour here to learn more and more brands of French.

They are: Nesquik, St Michel, Teisseire, vision, power bar, Sodexo, mavic, Nestle, Europcar and many more.

The tour is on Facebook and Twitter.

Click here for the official website

Good luck.

Travel Tips II: Airport to Paris

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C’est Formidable !

Sophie’s French Tutoring Communiqué

January 2012 Issue #7

Bonjour à tous ! 

As promised here is Part II of Travel Tips, Airport to Paris. I have arranged a more essential vocabulary, phrases and hints for when you arrive in France.

Here you will find tips on what to do when you arrive at the airport and need to travel to the city. Hopefully these will answer your questions relating to Internet, phones, trains and where to find a toilet.

Please see the lists below. S’il vous plaît regardez au-dessous !

Quick Tip !

Don’t forget to print off a copy of this blog entry!

Have these words, phrases and advice handy for when you arrive or for when you are preparing to leave. A quick perusal is calming for your nerves, and more so than a champagne !


Internet Kiosk

  • If you need to get in touch with someone via Facebook or email or even look up something there are internet stands across the airport but be on the look out for them
  • You will need some spare change, such as 50 Euro cents, 1 or 2 Euro coins to insert into the machine
  • Petit Note: I have had to do this before, I needed contact details for a friend that I only had stored in my Hotmail who was expecting me also I was able to notify my family and friends on facebook of my arrival

Smart phones

  • Smart phones are the best thing to have while you travel, if you are able to connect to free WiFi while you travel especially
  • Places to look out for free WiFi include, Singapore airport (perhaps your stopover destination if you travel via Qantas and then Air France like me), Paris CDG (only for 15min and conditions), Starbucks and then of course your hotel
  • If you have a normal phone make sure that it is unlocked so that you are able to buy a French sim for while you are there 
  • Petit Note: the most common phones in France are Blackberry, the French like a phone to look like a phone (Blackberry Smart Phones still have the physical key pad) but note Apple iPhone’s are also just as popular !

International phone roaming

  • Arrange this in Australia before you leave, it can be expensive otherwise or you may even find your phone simply is not functioning at all 

French phone card

  • You can use a French phone card for calling numbers in Paris and overseas
  • You can buy one for about 7 euros from a news-agency to be used at phone booths that are clear with push out doors generally found along main streets throughout Paris


  • These are even better than your smart phone,
  • Everyone at airports seem to walk around with one of these ! (the new device of choice for travellers)
  • Petit Note: with all this technology it can be hard to keep up ! Bear in mind the French are somewhat technologically adverse and do not adapt as fast to new technology. So you can go with out.


French mobile sim

  • These are cheap and generally come with enough credit to make a few initial calls to Australia or texting
  • However be careful because some do not come with internet data included (shame!)
  • Its best to ask for included calls and internet credit with your sim this way you can stay up to date and connected with email and Facebook on the go
  • Petit Note: the most common phone network in France is Orange, you can use Symacom mobile as well for cheap international calls

Coffee Water and Snacks

  • I am usually a little tired after the flight and one the first things I do is make sure I get myself a coffee, that is an espresso of course
  • Then a bottle of water usually Evian or Vittel, then something for the road preferably a macaroon or two.
  • This will also provide you with some much needed change for your metro ticket or if you need to use an internet kiosk


  • Usually one of the first things I do when I get to CDG is go to the toilet and freshen up, you can do this while you wait for your baggage
  • Toilets are cleaner here than on the streets or at train stations
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  • A très bientot mes amis ! Merci à vous !