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Etiquette et savoir vivre

Etiquette and social customs are important in any society and essential to life in France. France prides it self on social etiquette, manners and politeness, as a refined society and reflection of your social esteem.

When in France or amongst French peoples these codes and conventions govern behavior of individuals in public life. Ignorance of some social graces may be an indication of lack of civility, grace, education or qualities.

Etiquette seen as important by the French

Some basics

  • punctuality: arrive at the correct time for an appointment
  • telephone calls: it is impolite to call a friend after 10pm in the evening.
  • spitting: this is seen as the height of rudeness and is strictly forbidden.
  • burp: do not burb in public with out excuses
  • yawn: when yawning in public, one must place their hand over the mouth
  • sneeze: it is polite to sneeze discreetly and cover with a tissue
  • crossing the road: in the street it is most polite to cross at the lights or the designated crossing zone
  • public transport: refrain from loud conversations, it is polite to offer your seat to someone elderly, frail, pregnant woman or a child
  • staring: it is considered rude to stare at someone in the street or in the elevator
  • the bill: it is best to split the bill evenly at the end of a meal
  • queue: it is polite to wait patiently in the queue and not push

Greetings and salutations

  • thank yous: say thank you, please, excuse me as often as possible
  • madame, monsieur: to address someone it most polite to use madame, monsieur or mademoiselle at all times
  • vous: use of the formal form of you is the most polite way to approach someone
  • le petit bisou: greeting someone with bonjour followed by a small kiss on the both cheeks is customary in France
  • introductions: when meeting someone for the first time it is polite to say “Enchante”, or “ravi de vous rencontre”
  • the bisous, is also important in France, acknowledging someone with a kiss

france nov 129

Présidentielle 2012

<< Unité, Indivisibilité de la République, Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité ou la mort >>

Les débats finaux ont eu lieu et les campagnes politiques ont été farouchement impliquées dans cette élection très serrée. Nicolas Sarkozy conteste son second mandat dans cette élection contre François Hollande du Parti Socialiste. La France va voter ce week-end. Regardez les clips suivants avec intérêts et allez sur France 2 pour les résultats.

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N.B.: Use these youtube videos as a starting point to go further into the debate and discover a range of opinions.

Suivre les résultants ici, en chaque région.

Regardez les infos sur France 2 ici:

N.B.: Si vous regardez les infos souvent ces visages suivant seront familiers à vous, de France 2 et leur annonce publicité à la télé.

Regardez ceci vidéo de France Inter (Radio) avec Nicholas Sarkozy

Regardez cette vidéo des paroles et des actes animée par David Pujadas avec Jean Luc Mélenchon du Front de Gauche

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